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Why hello there good friends, I am coming to you with ANOTHER blog post! That's right, get excited! Okay so I've been quite absent recently... whoopsies! But, if you haven't noticed I have been taking my time up with a different form of blogging - vlogging! Yeah, it's super hard to say so don't even try. So I just wanted to write this post updating you a bit on my life in general and what's to come...ENJOY!

So first thing first, my youtube channel. I've been posting a few of the video's links over on my blog but I feel like I'm neglecting you! I'm going to start posting on here weekly again! I think that this time around I am going to continue talking about beauty and fashion, because they're my passions, duh, but also talk about lifestyle and travel.

I recently invested in a canon rebel t5i ( I totally did an unboxing video so head over there ASAP!) So quality of pretty much everything will increase by a jillion. Yeah, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but...oh well.

I have been traveling a whole lot this month (which kinda explains my absence) and I vlogged the entire thing on my second channel. Hm, I actually don't think I told you guys that existed till now. Well, it does! Pretty much on there I just do random vlogs when I am on set shooting or just going shopping on a casual day. It's just a way to get on a more personal level with my best friends **that's you guys BTW

My instagram feed is something that I have worked a little too hard on as of late. I have a boxed theme-thing going. I have absolutely no idea how to explain it but it looks pretty cool, trust me. As for social media, I have started up a snapchat too! Pretty much unofficial vlogging on days that I am too lazy to pull out my camera.

I think that's about all of the updates I have for you guys...but stay tuned! I will be out with a new post coming up really soon! Get pumped!

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