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Hey everybody! Today I am super excited about this post because it involves eating absolute favorite thing to do! So I wanted to start a new "series" on my blog where I go to different restaurants and give my review on them! So the very first restaurant I went to review was...The Shake Shack.

The Shack has such a homey feel to it, making it seem a lot more fancy than it actually is. It is decorated nicely with twinkly lights along the ceiling and a game of bocce to keep kids occupied. I also thought that it was a nice touch to be able to see into the kitchen and actually watch the chefs cook.

After a little too long a wait...the food arrived. 

My absolute favorite food in the entire world is friesss!! I love all french fries so of course I had to give Shake Shack's fries a try! I got two different types - original and cheese. Believe it or not, I've never actually tried cheese fries before. Boy was my mind blown. With the first bite my mind was blown and I pretty much ate the whole plate..oops, haha sorry to everyone sharing with me. 

Pretty much 99.9% of the not-dessert menu was beef. I don't really eat beef so I got a chicken hot dog. It was pretty good, nothing special really. And, I was very disappointed that they had no honey mustard because that stuff goes on pretty much half the food I eat. And especially anything meat-y. 

And then it was time for the star of the day - the shakes. I decided not to go full out and get the peanut butter shake. I decided to be healthy and just get the chocolate shake. These were absolutely delicious. I think if you aren't a fan of dark chocolate, this shake is defiantly not for you. There is such a rich taste to it, making it kind of remind me of brownies *aka another one of my favorite foods in the world*. 

 So..the final verdict? I wasn't too impressed with the main course ( hot dog) but my dad, who eats beef, got a cheese burger and he absolutely loved it. The french fries were too die for, totally beating out Chick-fil-a and McDonalds selection by a landslide. The shakes were soo good...and I don't normally prefer shakes over other desserts. So in the end, I give the shake shack an 'A' rating!

Have you ever been to the Shake Shack? Let me know in the comments section!

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