Del Ray Beach | Autumn Hope

10:00 AM

Cute little towns are my weakness. Del Ray is a quaint town on the water with many adorable boutiques and food joints located right next to a stunning beach. The moment I drove into Del Ray, I knew I'd love it and want to stay forever.

Although Del Ray is a beach town with the main focus on the water and the shops, the restaurants totally do not disappoint. While looking around, we turned a surprisingly empty corner and found an adorable deli. We, of course, decided it was a much better option than the overcrowded pizza joints along the beach. 

The patio had me starstruck. It was lined with tall columns supporting the building. It reminded me of this one area in California with all of these big white columns that are famous for photo shoots. 

We sat at these adorable metal tables that looked like they'd come straight from England. The food we ordered was absolutely amazing, but I cannot remember where we went no matter how hard I try!! 

Right after lunch, we walked down to the beach. The weather was beautiful and the beach was stunning, as expected. 

We walked along the water, collecting hundreds of beautiful seashells. I've actually always found it exceptionally boring to collect seashells, but I found this remarkably fun! All the seashells were different in some way. Some of the shells were similar in color but had totally different shapes.

The water was stunning but freezing, so we decided to skip the swim and just enjoy the view. 

Del Ray Beach was impressive. I feel like that's the best word I can find to describe it, yet it still doesn't feel strong enough. The shops and restaurants were so cute and had a homey feel. The beach was outstanding, the water as clear as day. If you ever go to Del Ray, let me know what you think! Do you love it as much as me?

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