Top 5 Drugstore Products | Autumn Hope

4:44 PM

Hey guys! I'm back!! Get excited - I got some pretty fun stuff up my sleeve! So today I gathered my 5 favorite products from the drugstore! Yes, that means affordable (my favorite type of makeup)! So, without further ado, lets get into this post! Haha, isn't this embarrassing...I wrote 'video'at first. Eeep.

Alright, so lets jump in with my absolute FAVORITE mascara in the world! Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express. Need I say more? Literally everyone has this mascara and I can see why. The brush is words! I wear it 24/7...well not literally, that'd be weird. Mind my messy room...the laziness.
Okay next product is a fairly new one that I got because my sleep has been dwindling far too much. It's the Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer from Maybelline. It's so easy to apply and blends  out perfectly. I'm super duper pale so I got the lightest color possible, Fair.
Next, the most impossible brushes to photograph in the world. They're from Ecotools and it came in a pack of five. It includes an eyebrow brush, a concealer brush, a blush brush, an eyeshadow brush, and a liner brush. I think I just made the Guinness world record book for sentence with the word 'blush' in it the most. Anywhooo, not much more to say about this. They're brushes. They blend. They work. Badabing, badaboom.
This ELF mini-palette is pretty amazing. It has four colors, base, lid, crease, and line. I tend to use the base as my entire look because I'm simple. But I've used every color now and then and the pigment, oh, holy pigmentation. Eleventh Gorgeous reference! I must admit that I don't use these all the time. I tend to go with my Tarte palette but that is not drugstore and we're cheapies. Shoutout to my camera's reflection!
This next one was inspired by essiebutton. I have a Tarte blush but I feel the color isn't perfect so I decided I needed a better 'everyday' blush. So I got this L'oreal Visible Lift Blush in Soft Peach. It gives such a fresh, nice look. Obsessed!
Alright, that's it for now! What do you guys wanna see me do? Hmm? Tell me in the comment section! Sorry for all the awkward randomness in this video. I literally sat down and just wrote my thoughts. All of them. Well, not all of them. Then this would go on forever. Ya see what I mean? Okay, love y'all byeee!

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