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Hey guys! Okay everybody, it's time for me to make a confession. This is very hard for me to say and very personal for my first post, but...I've never had a macaron before! Shocking, I know, but I've never been one to go crazy about fads. However, my love for food won over and I decided to test them out. Enjoy


I purchased these treats at a shop in my mall called Le Macaron. Le Macaron is a franchise that specializes in making french pastries. I will leave the links to their website down below. 


For six macarons it would cost you twelve dollars. In my opinion that is outrageous for six tiny little creme filled cookies. If we did some math, we'd find that a singular macaron cost about two dollars. Two dollars! Maybe I'm just an extreme cheap-o, but that seems pricey to me.

The macarons came in a cute little white box with the company's brand name on it. I thought that the package it came in was soooo cute and couldn't help taking a lot of pictures of it!

When you opened up the box there was cute pink tissue paper covering up the macarons. I thought that it just added a nice pop of color to the white box.


When I imagine macarons, I think of various flavors assorted beautifully. So when I saw the selection I was pretty disappointed. There weren't many flavors and none of them looked extremely appetizing. Below reviews of the flavors that my sister and I selected.

Colombian Coffee 

This one was one of the best macarons of the six. I don't even like coffee, but my favorite part of this pastry was how strong the coffee flavor was. I thought that it was great how you could clearly tell that you were eating a coffee macaron. On the other hand, I hate coffee so it was too strong for me.

Madagascar Black Vanilla

This macaron was the yummiest one of all! This one tasted like vanilla bean ice cream, and I love vanilla bean ice cream. A lot. It even looks like vanilla bean with those little black specks in the creme. I would repurchase this one for sure :)

Salted Caramel

This one was pretty good. Not the best just because it didn't taste like salted caramel to me. It really had no specific taste, but it tasted good. I was just expecting this macaron to be amazing because I usually love salted caramel ice cream.

White Chocolate

My sister told me that this macaron was the best one ever and that we had to get it. I happily agreed, but now I regret it. It was horrible! Tasted like toothpaste. I would not recommend this pastry. However, I hear a lot of people love it so if you want to try some new interesting things...go for it!

Belgium Chocolate

These were pretty good. You could tell they were chocolate flavored but not as rich as I'd hoped. If I had to rate it from 1-10, 10 being great, 1 being okay, I would say about a 5...? I don't know why I just made myself rate it like with numbers. They make me feel so pressured. Anyways, these were fine. Nothing to rave about.



Alright, last one. This one was pretty bad. It tasted like...well, roses. I was disappointed because it looked so cute so I had high hopes for it. 


That's all of them! Looking back, I feel like I was a bit harsh on Le Macarons before because they weren't ALL that bad. But, in conclusion I did not like them that much and I would prefer a chocolate chip cookie any day. 

 Have you ever tasted a macaron? What flavors?

Le Macaron: http://lemacaron-us.com/
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Disclaimer:I am not sponsored by Le Macacron and I do not own all the pictures included in this post.

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