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Hey guys! Does anybody else struggle to find semi healthy breakfasts in the morning? I know it's a big endeavor for me everyday. Usually I end up going back to the basics - eggs. Sometimes I'll spice things up and make myself the infamous bowl of oatmeal. Exciting, right? In this post I'm going to be giving you my feedback on two new flavors of Weight Watchers Cereal. Enjoy!

Thanks to Bzzagent, I had the amazing opportunity to try out two Weight Watchers cereals - oat clusters with cherries & almonds and frosted shredded wheat with protein. I've never tried anything from this brand and I think I had a few misconceptions. I thought that Weight Watcher's products were a healthy alternative to other food in the supermarket. The first thing I did when I got these cereals in the mail was check the nutrition label. I was honestly not impressed...at all. They seemed to be either average to worse than other cereals. The calories were very high and their actual nutrients weren't outstanding. 
Let's first talk about the frosted shredded wheat with protein cereal. I was most excited to try this one because sugar! It looked like it would be a healthy alternative to some of the junky cereals out there today. Like I said before, this really wasn't that good for you and had less protein than my granola bars. I wasn't the biggest fan of the flavor either which was disappointing as well. Overall, I wasn't impressed with this cereal but I shared this with my little sister and she loved it! I think it was the 'frosted' part that really set it up for success with her.
This one I thought I would hate! I'm not a fan of dried fruit and it just looked bland. However, what they don't tell you is that some of the corn flakes are sugar-coated so it adds in the perfect balance of sweetness! I was right about the dried fruit - still a total bleh factor of the cereal. Other than the fruit there is only one other problem, I can't stop snacking on it!
In conclusion, I think that these cereals were great to try but I can't see myself buying them on a regular basis. They weren't very good for you and I just can't justify eating cereal with so many calories when I could eat a granola bar with less calories and more nutritional value. Of course, I am fortunate enough to have the time to make myself oatmeal or eggs in the morning. Some people may not and this could be the perfect alternative to a piece of buttery toast.
That's all for todays post! Thanks again to Bzzagent for this amazing opportunity!

Have you ever tried a product from Weight Watchers? What did you think? Tell me in the comments down below!

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