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Who else has a creepy obsession with stalking people? I don't know why, but I tend to enjoy seeing what's on random people's phones. Am I the only one? Yeah...cool.

On that note, here's a look at everything on my iPhone 5!

 My iPhone tends to be kept in an Otterbox phone case because I'm a hopeless klutz. My phone has been dropped numerous times and, to my surprise, still works. Since it is such a bulky case, I tend to take the purple rubbery part off and just use the hard shell.

So here is my lock screen. I'm not sure exactly what it is, but I'm guessing some polka dot straws...maybe? I'm not really loving this and have been meaning to change it but haven't been able to find a decent one. Any ideas? Please leave the comments down below and I'll tell everyone my favorite in my next post!

My home screen are just these cute little daisies. I just thought these were really cute and summery! If you couldn't already tell from past posts, I am slightly obsessed with daisies.

At the bottom bar I pretty much kept it the same as the default version. If I am not mistaken I only added the Gmail app. These are pretty basic apps so I'm not going to bore you with explaining them.

This is my first page of my iPhone and, again, just the basics. These are all default apps that came with the phone.

Yay, now for the more exciting stuff!! This is my second, and last, page of apps on my phone. I will go into each folder as soon as I adress the individual, or "loose" if you prefer, apps.
  1. Safari
    1. This is a default app, but it just comes in handy when I need to look something up when I am out and about
  2. Snapchat
    1. This app is pretty much the only thing I use my phone for! It allows you to snap a picture or video, add a caption, and send it to a friend! After a matter of seconds, the Snap disappears, unless they screenshot it! This app has the potential to be dangerous, but if you're careful it's so much fun!
  3. Flappy Bird
    1. I'll confess I was hooked on this game about six months ago, but I must admit it is now quite boring. The point of the game is to make this little bird jump over many green pole-type things. Yes, I know sounds dumb. But it is now deleted off the app store so I just can't get myself to delete it. 
  4. Youtube
    1. Youtube videos are suprisingly easier to watch on the app in my opinion. No idea why. You can often find me snuggled up with my cat watching one of Zoella's newest videos. 
  5. Spotify
    1. This app makes it so much easier to listen to a playlist of music! However, if you want to be able to listen with no ads and out of the house, you need to get premium for 10 dollars a month. It seems a bit pricey to me and I haven't yet made the jump. If you'd be interested in me making playlists and sharing them with you guys tell me down below!
  6. Allrecipes
    1. The website is great and the app is even better! It has "daily" recipes and all instructions are in depth so all recipes are easy to follow along. 
  7. Veo
    1. This app, well, I'm not sure exactly what it is... It's for sampling and reviewing stuff...I think. Haha, sorry about this one.

Here is my first little cluster of apps. I called this "Social" just because I was too lazy to change it from it's default name. If you would like me to make a public account of my social medias (i.e. Instagram) then let me know in the comments.
  1. Instagram
    1. Easy way to share pictures with all of your friends and family. Recently was updated and works a lot better now. This app has become the new Facebook and it's really easy to work and fun to use!
  2. Facebook
    1. I don't tend to use this app a lot except for looking at different auditions and following up on my recent movies.
  3. We Heart It
    1. I recently discovered this app and I am loving it! It's similar to Instagram, minus captions. This app is where I found my home screen and lock screen. 

I wish I could say I used these all the time and that this was my most used folder...but it isn't. At all.
  1. Nike + Running
    1. This app works great and can really keep you motivated. I used this a lot in the summer and it keeps track of the miles you've ran. It even lets you see how much your friends are running.
  2. Runtastic
    1. I'm not really sure why I have this app or what it is for. I'm 99.9% sure I got it for walking. Who knows? 

Oh, lookie here...blogging, yay! I tend not to use these apps because they are defiantly not as functional as the website. 
  1. Blogger
    1. This is how I run my blog and this app is growing cobwebs because it isn't very easy to work. The worst part is when you write on the app, it doesn't update it on the website either.
  2. Bloglovin'
    1. This app is great for keeping youtself updated with all of your favorite blogs! Feel free to follow me so you can get updated whenever I post :)

Lately I've been loving everything coupon-y. So here are multiple apps for couponing and keeping track of your grocery list. I strongly suggest all of these. I won't go into detail because they are all quite similar.

And lastly, these are my "business" apps. Again, it's the default name. I have these because I am now selling hand painted fake nails on Etsy.
  1. Etsy
    1. Easy way to find handmade stuff or supplies. Feel free to follow me on Etsy. My shop name is "Autumn Hope's Shoppe".
  2. Sell on Etsy
    1. Can track your stats and sales easily. 
As you can see, my phone isn't very organized. I should probably go through and clean it out.  Okay, that's all for this post! I hope you guys enjoyed!!

What's your favorite app on your phone? Leave a comment down below!

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